MA. Strum is a new and exciting label featuring unique, high quality, functional clothing. The collection derives from the collaboration of two renowned designers, Massimo Osti and Donrad Duncan.  Innovation, functionality and timeless aesthetics have distinguished the work of Massimo Osti, whose research in textiles and form revolutionized sportswear, leaving an unmistakable mark in the fashion world. The MA.Strum collection is inspired by these same principles, using innovative high-tech fabrics and technology to create products providing function, comfort and style. A selection of garments, bearing the Massimo Osti Archive label, uses exclusive fabrics rediscovered and transformed from Massimo Osti Studio’s Textile Archive.

The vision behind the brand was to create classic, functional products with a timeless appeal. Pushing the boundaries of manufacturing this inspiring collection incorporates new innovative fabrics and technology together with original designs to create wearable technology.

So Massimo Osti needs no introduction, he was the creative driving force and fabric genius behind some of the most iconic brands to come out of Italy including, Stone Island, CP Company, Left hand, Bonneville and more recently Massimo Osti double use. His experimentation with fabrics and fabric treatments, as well as military inspired styling, revolutionised the industry forever.

Massimo Osti formed Osti studio in 1970 and since his passing in 2005, the studio has been managed by his son Lorenzo and daughter Agata, who are intent on carrying on the legacy.

Massimo Osti was the brain behind successful Italian brands Stone Island and CP Company and after years of product testing, designing and innovation the Osti Archive was created. The archives grew and grew over the years and finally have been brought into the fashion world with MA Strum, the fantastic new jacket brand that carries everything that Stone Island and CP Company stands for, and more.

Entering the busy and competitive world of fashion by creating a new clothing line and brand can be long, unpredictable and often unsuccessful process.  It helps if you are a creative amalgamation of genius fabric designer and world-renowned outwear innovator, and the founder of Stone Island clothing.

Donrad Duncan is the founder and principal designer of Global Design and Innovation LLC (GDI), the parent company of the MA.Strum label. Donrad guides and oversees the creative team on all projects, utilizing his expertise of fusing function, timelessness, and quality in high-end sport apparel. Donrad is known globally for leading the apparel industry in introducing the hybrid concept of merging technical apparel with sportswear.

‘Whether it is apparel, a timepiece, or a vehicle, I have the same expectations – I look for functionality, value and comfort. People want to look and feel good. To feel sexy is defined by the individual, and it basically comes down to comfort. If a person is comfortable and confident in what they are wearing, they are going to feel sexy.” Donrad Duncan

Donrad was previously vice president and executive creative director for Victorinox/Swiss Army, where he developed the concept and design foundation for the apparel line, building on the company’s recognition for performance, durability and ingenuity. Previous to his eight years with Victorinox, Donrad spent ten years as head designer of menswear divisions at two internationally recognized apparel brands. Donrad’s artistic sensibilities were passed on to him from his family of artisans, tailors and furniture builders. Donrad studied fashion design at Parson’s School of Design in New York. He has served as art specialization critic at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York, and appeared in numerous international publications.

The MA.Strum brand principle is to provide the user with products that have the inherent qualities of timelessness, function and appeal, as well as to create silhouettes and styling that engage the senses of a wide audience. Wearable technology is integrated in various pieces, through fabrics and embedded accessories.

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