Shorts pose a number of issues, from who should wear them, to what constitutes too short, to what sort of footwear should you wear with them and what is appropriate? For a time the scourge of three quarter length trousers made things even more confusing, but thankfully that day has passed and they’ve left with the high bike.


So, what sort of shoes are best with the short trousers usually worn around the warmer weather?


Unfortunately, the answer to the question is not an exact science and is not as straight forward as questions about three quarter length trousers, where the answer is – ‘don’t wear them’.


Flip flops are quite common but their main problem is the fact they don’t give much support and also make that noise we all find a tad irritating when they rise up and down. This of course will put them in to the to be avoided category and mean you may be chastised for wearing them, especially in quiet environments.


Worse again and to be avoided to a larger degree are Crocs. For men this is the equivalent of wearing children’s shoes and would imply you understand that it is okay for adults to wear toddlers clothing. Crocs are plastic shoes and now more has to be said about this than that.


Trainers as we have also mentioned on more than one occasion are also not summer wear and not to be worn with shorts. They smell and if it’s warm for shorts, it’s too warm for trainers.


Fancy flats are the male equivalent and are what you’ll probably look best in when wearing your shorts. The humble deck shoes is a unappreciated piece of clothing that many men will find is charming, subtle and suitable in a stylish manner.


Espadrilles are also a great alternative and for those that must wear runners are probably the best choice and will look the best with your shorts. They’re also made from cotton and so are cool and your feet shouldn’t tend to pong in them .


But be careful, choosing shoes is dangerous territory and should be taken with a degree of poise.  


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