Though the humble jean is still as common as ever, we decided on introducing you folks to maybe some sort of alternative for everyday wear, So, what clothes work as great alternatives for the lower half of the body, we have a look?


The chino really has had a very popular resurgence of late. These half trouser, half jean concoctions are more flattering than denim, but not as formal as a trouser, meaning they can be worn in a wide range of activities. They also come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, as well as all the modern cuts. The fact they come in a range of colours also means you are sure to find a pair to suit your upper body’s coverings.


Wool Trouser

Wool trousers are also a great addition to any wardrobe as they offer a certain amount of gravitas that the jean equivalent does not. Wool trousers can also be bought in a wide range of cuts and also work well for those more casual occasions, though are not to be worn around the couch – as they’re a bit more dressy than that. They also go with a wide range of colours and fabrics and really give that fashionable 1940s feel a look in.


Though these were once the preserve of middle aged men trying to channel the spirit of Jim Morrison, leather trousers are perfectly suitable for some men and come in a range of modern shapes. Of course you need a certain amount of confidence to wear them, but if you do have that and of course the physique – go well on ahead.


Somewhat similar to chinos in their material, these trousers are ideal for work, or for more casual wear and provide a number of pockets which obviously increases their functionality. Such an ensemble is perfect for everyday use, or work.


Of course the a typical trouser leg is perfect for casual and also formal occasions. However, as with jeans invest in as costly of pair as possible, so to ensure you get the best possible pair you can afford as they will last you the longest. Try on numerous pairs first to get a feel for what suits.  


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