Choosing a Man Bag


Man and the man bag still just isn’t a phenomenon that is comfortable with some people. This piece of sartorial functionality can be reversion at the most inappropriate times – mainly due to chants comparing it to a handbag etc.


However, most of civilised society has come along far enough to realise this is far from the case. So, what are the keys to wearing a man bag with flair?



Size and its relationship to the man bag is of central importance and you should always choose one which is relevant to your overall physique – small men with small bags, large men with larger bags. You don’t want a bag half your size dwarfing you, do you? 

Let it Say Something

Man bags are not just run of the mill leather satchels anymore. In fact there is a wide range of choices available in the field. We’re not looking at nothing other than strictly leather and tan bags these days. In fact there’s everything from twill, to canvas, to even wax wear in this area. The number of colours, forms and shapes means these bags should allow you to express yourself in a way that suits you.

Think of the impression you want to give out to the world before you get your man bag on the go. This allows you decide on the sort of man bag you think best suits you and means you’re sure to get what you require.


We’d suggest making a good investment in your man bag, for the simple reasons, it will be one of the first accessories people see when they look at you. You don’t want something that just hangs lazily off you and your body. Nor do you want something that is made of cheap materials and stretches and strains under any weight. However, examine the product before investing, not all expensive bags are good bags.

Look at the lining, leather and the stitching to determine the quality and though your bag may cost a little more, it is an investment and will outlast a cheap bag by years.

The man bag is there to replace those horrible backpacks, we’re all too familiar with. Too much Velcro, mesh and neon is just not befitting of anyone but a mountain climber.


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